Monday, October 09, 2006

The Truth About Stupidity...

We live in a world in which stupidity abounds. It's all-pervasive.. like air. In fact, pollution-free air is an infinitely rarer commodity than undiluted stupidity. I doubt if we can get through five minutes of an average day without encountering stupidity in some form. This article is dedicated to stupidity and the proponents of this fine art... more precisely, it's a commentary on what I believe is the truth about stupidity and the stupid.

i) Stupidity compounds with association: Two stupid people are collectively more stupid than their combined individual stupidity and so on. So, never underestimate the awesome power of stupidity. There are few things more dangerous than a mob of stupid and angry people. It's quite a bit like the principle of magnetic induction. Stupidity is like a magnet for more stupidity, adding to the already existing stupidity until the density of stupidity reaches epidemic proportions. You can well imagine the destructive potential of this force of nature.

ii) Stupid People Rule: If democracy is the rule of people, then stupid people do rule!! 90% of the human population is exceedingly stupid, with absolutely no idea of what's good for them (you and I belong to the other 10%, of course). Democracy through "universal adult franchise", by definition, is designed to favor the stupid. So, the 90% population of stupids decides what's good for the other 10%, instead of the other way round, which would have made infinitely more sense. You dig?

iii) Never argue with the stupid: Stupidity is impervious to logic and reason. It's like trying to explain the theory of relativity to an owl. You are no further than where you started off at, and the owl is just plain exasperated. The last thing you want is a gang of angry owls on your tail.. Stupidity is like an immovable object which, by definition, is immovable. Attempting to move it is just plain stupid!!!

iv) Stupidity is the way of the future: We are rapidly heading towards a situation where stupid people occupy all positions of any consequence (In fact, we're almost there already). By nature, stupid people tend to favor other stupid people and a situation will soon arise where the non-stupid have to make a choice... join the revolution of stupidity or perish....

Well, I've already made my choice. I have decided to make a conscious effort to embrace stupidity and enjoy all the benefits it represents. From now on, I shall abandon all road and civic sense, worship Himesh Reshamiya's musical genius and regard the "Times of India" as the most authoritative literary work ever. Aaah.. I can already feel stupidity surging through my body.... until later... cheers.. 8-)