Thursday, May 22, 2008

Enter the Fifteen Minute Post

I hate New Year resolutions... very much. Not the least because I make a New Year resolution (or two) every year, and every year it is the same story. The resolution lasts like a couple of days at best, and then I'm left heart-broken and dejected. This year was no different. The resolution was that I would post every 15 days or so... and that resolution has been broken like eons ago. I typically like to spend some time on my posts, to make sure I've got it right, to put down exactly what I want to and all that kind of inconsequential stuff. In the light of my most recent New Year resolution fiasco, I have decided to alter the approach a little bit. I shall now try to put up a post in fifteen minutes or less, as often as I can, starting with this here post.... I have decided not to really give a damn about whether it comes out right, or even makes any sense at all. So, there you have it. The first in a line of potentially meaningless and trivial posts... enjoy...


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